People: the heart of every business

Managing Employee Health with Global OHS
Our aim is to help companies and organisations support their people.

We provide a health and wellbeing service to empower all parties to make positive choices. Resilience makes good business sense.

We at GOHS believe in looking after the people behind the business. What good is a solid business plan when your staff are unable to undertake the tasks required of them? We are here to make sure that your workforce is in good health and able to work to their full potential.

We do this by carrying out pre-employment medicals, ensuring that you are hiring staff who are in shape to do their job well. This can be vital in a range of businesses, including not only those involving heavy equipment but also desk jobs, so no matter what your company does, you can benefit from our services.

As well as medical assessments, we can offer training on how to best deal with health and wellbeing in the workplace. This allows you to take control of how well educated your workforce is with regards to staying on top of their health and wellbeing. Our courses include: stress awareness; cancer prevention; manual handling; and stop smoking, amongst others. Contact us today by email or on 07963 513534.