Our Services: What We Can Do For You

Health and wellbeing support from Global OHS
Global OHS will ensure that your staff are healthy and remain that way.

We offer an advice and support service to help managers look after their teams effectively, for maximum efficiency.

Have you considered the impact upon your business when your workers are forced to take sick days? We will help you minimise the frequency of these sick days by making sure your staff are healthy and fit to carry out their jobs on a day to day basis. We do this by assessing their medical condition with tests of hearing and lung function, as well as skin checks, DSE assessments and night workers' medicals.

We carry out a range of assessments for workers, including pre-employment and forklift truck drivers' medicals. We are also able to assist with the management side of any issues, by taking referrals for Equality Act cases, return to work after injury or ill health, as well as health promotion activities.

We understand the importance of keeping on top of health and wellbeing within a company, as illness can be a huge setback in any working environment. Stay safe by contacting us today by email or on 07963 513534 for training to help you to keep your workforce in good shape and fitness to work.