GOHS Company Update

GOHS Company Update

Here at Global OHS, we are happily settling into the new normal of abnormality. For us, It is business as usual with the new implementation of all the government guidelines, albeit now adhering to social distancing where possible and we are mindful that things have not been easy for anyone. As leading OH providers we have seen the effects on our staff and clients and pleased to see some positives too and employers and employees alike adopt the change. Working from home can be a massive challenge, space, family, internet and motivation but finding small ‘wins’ (as Mandy likes to call it) can make a big difference to your mindset. 

We have been finding out from clients and our local community how they are coping.

Some lovely ideas and top tips include:

• Setting up a desk by the window facing the road this allows you to see people walking past and even offering a wave brings back some of that human contact we are all so missing.
• Setting alarms for regular tea breaks helps some members keep routine and who doesn’t like a routine.
• Getting dressed, some members say that they find changing into clothes that are perhaps not as formal as they would normally wear but more casual still gives them the illusion that there is a purpose to the day ahead.
• Starting or finishing work 1/2hr earlier/later and allowing yourself that time to be added to your lunch hour will support you making some good old fashioned home-cooked lunches or an extended walk at lunch, both of which are so helpful for our mental health.
• Download a mindfulness app and practise this 5 minutes before the start of work.
• Use a chalkboard or a light board and change it every day with the day of the week on, choosing to put ‘happy’ Infront creates a bit of fun too. ‘Happy Wednesday’.

While the world is busy reinventing itself our staff at Global OHS have been busy too, Our clinical Director, Pippa Crouch, and Managing Director, Steve Birchall, have been assisting private hospitals, private hospices and the NHS Nightingale with Face Fit testing ensuring that all masks are worn are fit for purpose and staff are safe.

Our very own Mandy, with the help of today’s modern technology, has undertaken the Occupational Health Technician course and passed it successfully.
We look forward to getting Mandy out in the field to help support our clients further with their Safety-Critical needs.

Global OHS has adapted the way it works to meet the demands of supporting its clients as well as the government guidelines. We are all taking extra hygiene and safety precautions and some examples of this are still delivering case management referrals where Naomi has been leading the way by offering this service over the phone, Skype or Zoom.

Karin, one of our longest-serving clinicians, is delivering a host of webinars helping to support clients and employees with mental health and changes to the working environment. Karin's top tip is to exercise and grab the sun when you can. Her webinars are 40 minutes long and include the following topics :

What measures can we take to support ourselves when working at home?

Managing mental health during a crisis
Managing Productivity and Motivation
Managing uncertainty with a positive mindset

Please contact us if there is anything we can do to support you during this challenging time.

Remember, stay safe, stay at home and protect our NHS.

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