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Remote Support - Please contact us directly

The current climate is proving challenging for everybody not only for individuals and families but also for organisations - Remote Support - Please contact us directly.

Unusual circumstances call for solutions that allow you to support your employees and manage these difficult working conditions.

We are offering the option of recording short webinars so organisations can put them out on a digital forum. These webinars are relevant to the current situation and developed to allow you to offer the support of your employees remotely. Examples of topics we can cover are:

• Managing anxiety in a difficult climate
• Productivity when Working at Home
• Staying Calm in a Stressful World
• Positive Planning when Working Remotely
• Healthy Body and Healthy Mind – Staying Healthy in the Current Climate
• Dealing with Fear when it’s all around us

These are some examples of what we can deliver via webinar but we are also inviting organisations to let us know what they need and what would benefit them based on the current difficulties they are facing and we can develop bespoke sessions to suit those needs

You may want to put out a one-off session or a short weekly session to offer your employees ongoing support

In addition to the above we can also offer the following:

• Written articles which can be sent via email – offering the same level of information but in a format, which can be simpler for those who may not be able to access a digital forum at this time.
• Our 1:1 coaching service – supporting individuals with their own physical and mental health or just giving them a space to talk - this can be delivered over the phone, Skype or WhatsApp.
• A telephone management hotline to speak to an occupational health nurse to answer any questions and concerns around coronavirus

Please contact us directly if you would like further information

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