Management Referrals

Early intervention can reduce the impact of sickness on your business.

Attendance Management

When employees are  engaged  and  well  they  are  more  likely  to  be  more  resilient and  able  to  handle  change more effectively.  They are less likely to have absence due to physical or mental health issues  and are less likely to be diagnosed with anxiety or depression. This ultimately means improved staff  costs, productivity and performance. However a poll in 2014 found 54% of British employees believed there was little interest by their employer in their health and wellbeing as long as the job was done.

Our attendance management service helps to address these challenges by providing strategies to help manage health and attendance, improving employee (and therefore) corporate health.

Case management

An occupational health report, is usually only ever as good as the referral in.

At GOHS we work with managers to ensure they receive the medical answers they need to help manage their employees as effectively as possible. We can help move cases forward and expedite treatment. We can see your employee at their place of work or in their home whichever is the most convenient for you.

Remote case management

There may be some cases where an assessment can be conducted over the telephone, especially if your business is not based locally or if advice is required quickly.